Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November Eyes

For lack of things to post about, here's a few of the looks I did (most just for fun) during this dark and dreary month in an attempt to cheer myself up! Please excuse the baby-eyebrow hairs! I dont wax my brows for two reasons: 1. it can damage the skin on your brow bone, causing that area to sag in later life (eep!) 2. I dont trust anybody else around my eyebrows, never have, never will :) So just ignore the hairyness and enjoy the pretty colours! Love xxx

Monday, 29 November 2010

Making Space!

Since moving to my boyfriend's house I've had to cram into the spare room to get ready in the mornings ( I get up very early) in an attempt not to wake him up and recently the floorspace has become very much occupied by my products etc. Now that Im eagerly waiting on my Avon stuff to arrive I realised I'll have nowhere to put it so my gorgeous thoughtful lovely boyfriend set upon doing some DIY in there. Here's how he took apart an old single bed and turned it into a lovely vanity unit for me with plenty of room for new things! :D
Unfortunately I didnt think to get a "before" picture but trust me, this is such an amazing improvement! Plus we are recycling!
the bed being torn apart!

Finally coming together!

TaDaa! And heres Pandora admiring the work :) Hope you are all surviving through the snow, and keeping warm! Love xxxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dora the Explorer

Pandora's adventures in the snow! Enjoy! :D

I hope Dora's crazy fence walking brightened your day a little bit :) Love xxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

12 Days of Pixiwoo

£250 worth of AVON? randomly selected winner? And the winner is me?! WHAT? :O

192,608 subscribers and I won???? I cant even say how exciting this is, I've never won anything before, I think I might explode!!!! SO HAPPY!!! Sam and Nic are the fucking BOMB! (i havent said that since primary shool). Holy moly this is the best thing ever!!! :D :D

Christmas Party Nails!

Fun party nails! yay! enjoy x

Colours used:
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (base & top coat)
-Essence Colour & Go in Choose Me!
-Mavala polish in White

1. Base coat. Avoid cuticles!

2. Make triangles in top corners with Choose Me.

3. Take a thin nail art brush (I used my thinnest lip brush) with the white varnish and make a thin line at the base of the Choose me colour.

4. Top coat & youre done! :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Random Bits Haul

I picked up a few things in town and thought I'd give you a first impressions type of post on them.

Firstly, I ran out of my usual Nivea Soft moisturiser and they didnt have it the chemist so I for the first time in 3 years bought a different moisturiser! I decided to stay with Nivea though, I find all their products just agree with my skin so I knew I'd be safe enough.

Nivea Visage Rich Moisturising Day Cream for dry/sensitive skin.

Smells lovely, fresh and rosey. Don't know if this would go down well if you had realy sensitive skin, but makes your face smell gorgeous anyway. Once on the skin, it has quite a bit of slip due to the almond and calendula oil so definitely would'nt recommend for an oily or combination skin. On me however, I love the texture and it is absorbed within 15 minutes. i've been using this for about a week or so and my skin hasnt improved in an amazing way but it certainly hasnt gotten worse. It smells better and it feels good! This cream also has an UV filter of some sort so thats always a good thing. I got this for under a fiver (lost receipt) but the bottle isnt very big but hopefully this will last for a lock of weeks anyway!
First impression: 8/10

Next, I've been meaning to get a heat protector for quite some time but I always forget to. If Im ever going to grow my hair this is a must.

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection (€4.45)

When it comes to styling products I normally go for brands like TIGI or Joico but seeing as money is indeed a little tight over on this little island at the minute I decided togive Aussie a go. Good sized bottle for the price. Smells nice and fresh and clean. I have only used this once because I only got it today so I havent made up my mind about it yet but so far so good. After blowdrying my hair felt a little softer, my fringe didnt act the bastard (this is a styler as well as a heat protectant) and there was indeed more of a shine in my hair, which is good because my colour is very faded out indeed which thankfully doesnt show up in pictures haha :) I'll give you a truer opinion in a couple of weeks abot this product but for the time being, I like it!
First Impression: 7/10

And last I just wanted to show you this necklace i got for a fiver in a boutique in town, it didnt have a label or anything on it so unfortunately I dont know where you can get one :( but isnt it gorgeous?

Love xxx

Hairstyle of the Day

Long Hair! sort of! I'll show ya how to stick in some extensions and fake it... Hope you like, and find this in some way useful! Love xxx

What you need:
- Clip-in human-hair extensions that match your shade. (Mine are fairly old Dream Hair extensions from Sally's and they cost £14.99 with a trade card. They were coloured and cut when I went copper )
- Backcombing brush
- Wide Tail Comb
- Hairspray
- heat styler of choice (optional)

How To:
1. Take your extensions and brush them out (preferably with a paddle brush, but I just used my denman.) I used 3 rows in this look.

2. Section your hair just below the top of your ears all the way accross and backcomb the roots, then give the roots a quick spray.

3. My extensions vary in colour slightly, so the ones I wear underneath are a little darker and longer too so I applied those to the first section. Dont be afraid to bunch the clips together, they may feel bumpy, but you cannot see any bumpiness when your hair is down.

4. Section your hair about an inch above your ear. Again tease the roots, spray and bunch the clips together. These steps ensure that your extensions do not come out until you take them off. Repeat on other side.

5. If you have more than 3 rows of extensions, apply the extra rows below the top of your ear, I would nt recommend applying clip-ins above this point as they can become very obvious looking, especially if you have layers cut in.

6. Style your hair to your prefrence, my extensions were still wavy from the last time they were worn and my hair was freshly blowdried so I didnt do anything much! You can tease the crown, curl your hair, straighten it (I do not recommend) whatever you like! Hope you found this useful and if you want to know more just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you! xxx

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

All The Small Things...

Sara's Guide to a Successful Relationship (haha)

1. Make each other cups of tea.

2. No matter how comfortable you get with your other half, don't stop shaving your legs.

3. Adapt to each others' pet hates. Example: I try not to screech my plate with my fork at dinner and he tries not to leave dirty socks lying around the room.

4. Cuddle.

5. Always kiss and make-up before you go to sleep, never go to bed when youre angry at each other.

Love xxxxx

Nails Nails Nails

I ws extremely bored today so naturally I went started doing crazy nails. Heres a few I tried and I thought I'd post them up just in case some of you wanted more details or if you want me to post a tutorial type thing on any of the looks please let me know! Keep in mind that I do not own any real nail art tools, These were all done using one and only lip brush and super cheap polishes! Enjoy! Love xxxx

Monday, 22 November 2010

Zebra Nails

Another substitute for Hairstyle of the Day, i was babysitting and who wants to see sloppily blowdried hair pushed back with a plain alice band? So my experimentations with nails are becoming more adventurous to say the least. Tacky, knackerish zebra print glitter nails? Yes please! Why not? Hope you like! Love xxx

-Mavala #49 WHITE
-Essence Multi Dimension #51 PARTY TIME
-Essence Multi Dimension #62 MUST-HAVE

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Essentials: Hairbrushes!

So today, instead of hairstyle of the day (because I was out last night and my hair resembled an owl's nest) Ill talk about the basic brushes and combs every girl needs. I hope you find this useful and im sure most of you already know this stuff but theres no harm in it is there?x

Wide Tooth Comb
Where: Sally's Salon Services
Price: part of student kit, unknown
Why: detangling wet and dry hair, causes very little damage, create parting, sectioning hair.
+: one of my favourite combs, mainly because im obsesssed with healthy h
air, and the fact that his comb is so gentle and effective detangling.

Wide Tail Comb
Where: Sally's Salon Services
price: as above
Why: Creating partings, sectioning hair and this is the comb i use when using my straightening iron.

Tail Comb
Where: Sally's
Price: £3.99
Why: Partings, sectioning, highlights (do not attempt DIY highlights please :P been there done that), backcombing.
+ Most people find ths comb to be the easiest to use when drawing out your parting thanks to the precise sharp tail.

Backcombing Brush
Where: Sally's
Price: £2.99
Why: Backcombing. A duh :) This brush creates the least breakage when backcombing and youll get the best result. Creates a tease that is easily brushed out without ripping half the hair off your head. The bristles also double as the perfect brush for smothing out your tease for easy effortless volume. A definite must-have.

Classic Denman Brush D3
Where: Frickin anywhere! (Mine came with my student kit from Sally's)
Price: £6.94
Why: Denman website says: "Medium styling brush with 7 rows of nylon pins. The famous Denman anti-static rubber pad provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying for shaping hair. The most famous styling brush in the world!"
Personally, I mainly use this brush for detangling dry hair when Im too lazy to do it with my wide tooth comb. It detangles so quickly and doesnt rip your hair out. Occasionally i might use this for blowdrying but I prefer using a round brush.

Round Brush (Ceramic)
Where: where do you think?
Price: Came with student kit, unknown
Why: Blowdrying. This includes ceramic round brushes of all sizes, im not sure how wide the one in the picture is, but thats the one i use because of my hair length. The longer your hair the bigger the brush you need. If your brush is too small, long hair will inevitably get stuck in it and we dont want that. Unless of course youre doing a curly blowdry. I definitely recommend a ceramic round brush because the centre heats up, drying your hair faster and making it smoother.

Right so i think thats about all! keep in mind that of course you can get all of these brushes in Boots or anywhere like that, I just got mine in Sally's. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me! Hope you this useful in some way, and have a great day! Love xxx

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dora the Explorer

Weekly funny pics of my little panda xx Enjoy!

Hairstyle of the Day

For when your fringe/bangs wont behave! Also handy for giving the illusion of longer hair :)
What you need:
- Backcombing brush
- Tail comb
- Bobby Pins
- Hairspray
- Accessories (optional)

How to:
1. Braid your fringe, french plait, fishtail or just a normal plait.
2. Backcomb all your hair from the ears up!
3. Smooth hair to create a low beehive at the crown.
4. Take the section of hair on the side of you head where your plait starts and bring it round the back, secure with crossed bobby pins.
5. Backcomb the remaining hair and crunch into random messy bun.
6. Add accessories and youre done!

Your hair will look something like this after the first 2 steps :)

Crossed Bobby Pins

The finished look! Hope you like it! Love xxx