Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Taylor Momsen

This girl does NOT look sixteen. I adore her style, although i wouldnt go copy it.. Makes you want to be 16 again to get away with all the goth make-up :) And those legs?! She's one lucky girl! Her song is super-catchy too, hope you like it xx

Monday, 24 May 2010

Eyes Eyes Eyes

Blue or Brown? Blue or Brown? Blue or Brown?

Let me know which you think is better! Love xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Style Icons

My style icons! The bold and beauiful!

My mom! Mind you, this was taken when she was 21 and expecting me :P these shots were taken for her frined who is a cosmetologist and was studying at the time. 19 years ago!! My mom is so beautiful xx

Up next, the Trashy Life girls, back in 2005 when i made it my life mission to somehow BECOME Audrey Kitching hahah. Didnt work out as planned...

The fabulous Raquel Reed! When Lady GaGa first came out, I thought for a long time that it was in fact Raquel in disguise! But this girl is amazing in her own right, pure eye-candy!

Next up, my older icons, the Notorious Bettie Page and the lovely Miss Monroe. Do I need to explain?

The queen of fabulousness, Lady GaGa xx

And I've saved the best for last, the amazing, sweet, kind, most genuine golden girl of all; Kandee Johnson!

Thanks for reading, Love!! xxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hair Care Must Have's!!

These are the products that I swear by, they are amazing for damaged hair. Once I find an amazing product, I'm very loyal to that product/brand, and TIGI is about as good as it gets. I heart TIGI!!!

So for general shampooing and surface conditioning I use any supermarket brand, whatever hapens to be on special offer hahah. TreSemme, Timotei, Aussie, Herbal Essences... But once or twice a week I'll treat my hair with TIGI S Factor "Serious Conditioner" that I bought in a massive jar, shown below. After shampooing and conditioning, i slap on plenty of this stuff and massage it in, it makes your scalp all cold and tingly! Sometimes I wash it out after 5 minutes, sometimes I leave it in overnight! It leaves your hair so silky soft and shiny and strong, I love this stuff :)

I then towel dry and blast dry my hair until its kind of half wet, half dry before adding styling products. TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer is super gorgeous especially on longer hair, the texture you get is so silky..! and the shine!! Even if you rub the product on your hands you can see the microscopic bits of glimmer glowing.. Its like a highlighter for your hair.

If I want more of a volumptious look, I use TIGI BedHead Small Talk. It comes in a little purple bottle, you only need the tiniest little bit of product and it smells just like those grape scented gel pens you had when you were little! The smell alone will seduce women to buy TIGI products, they all smell so yummy, you'd almost rather eat it than put it on your head!

I love my big hair and have been back combing and back brushing my hair for years (and it shows in the condition of it so dont over do it!) and you need a good quality hairspray for the shape you have created to stay in place all day or night. My ultimate best hairspray in the entire world is Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray (in the black bottle, the stuff in the pink container is sticky). It is amazing, you can build it up, if you only want a light hold, spray once from a distance, but if you want strong hold, you can easily build it up without using up loads of product. I think it gives a little shine as well, and I LOVE IT!!!!

For brilliant shine, and to glam up hair that actually isnt all that glam, I use the Lee Stafford Shinespray which you can by in cute mini spray cans that you can pop in your bag and spray through the day or give you an extra boost for going out. The only bad thing is that the little cans only last (well they last ME) about 2 weeks and then I have to go get more. Maby next time just buy the bigger container...?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hair, Hair, Hair

Here is my ultimate display of all the hairstyles im proud of having once had hahah. I think I've tried just about everything except going dark!

My love for crazy hair began when i was 16, opting for this bizarre 'do, that I miss so much right now;

I loved the hint of blue and the length i still had at that stage.. Next is a foto from the debs that summer when i had turned 17, i had gotten rid of the blue and h shade of pink wasnt the nicest, kind of salmony, but it matched the ribbon on my dress.!

Next, thigs got really crazy and after the dance I went for this totally hot pink barnet that many believed to be a wig, which I can assure you its not..! I love my hairdresser for letting me do this hahah.

Keeping the pink looking good took a lot of money n time so eventually I went back to safe waters with platinum blonde and dark under the fringe and the bottom layers.. the bleaching really took all life out of my hair so a year ago i decided to chop it all up..!

Ive been trying so hard to let it grow back since but it seems to be growning at snailpace..!! In the meantime, I decided to do something I didnt see coming; go back to dark ash blonde which is my natural hair colour. I wear extensions because if my hair was a normal colour and a regular lenght, it would just be a little too boring for me and I just feel better about my hair when it appears longer and more feminine..

I am tempted to try going dark but because there is the danger that it wont suit me and having to go back to blonde and further damaging my hair, I'll stick with this look for a while anyway :P What a vain blog post... Oh well!! xxxx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Tattoos Tattoos

I love tattoos, I adore everything about them; getting the initial idea for one, deciding the placement, getting inked and the beauty revealed after it heals. And of course the decoration that lasts forever on your skin!

I have three so far and i had my first one done when i was sweet sixteen haha. It was only tiny, a little star behind my ear :) I now forget that its even there sometimes. It doesnt mean anything really, just reminds me of my rebellious teenage ways haha. You can sort of see a glimpse of it here, it really is pathetically tiny!

My next one i got when i was seventeen and working in a tattoo shop..! I got to stencil tattoos and everything but mainly just sat there watching the artist for 2 months :) I saw this design for a heart shaped lock with two keys , one on top and one on the bottom of it with a ribbon running through all three things and i just knew i wanted it , but again the meaning for me having this tattoo (on my stomach, to the right hand side) isnt certain, it changes with time! Just because my tattoos arent maybe the most meaningful things, I dont regret any one of them at all!

My newest addition of bodyart I got last july, just in time for the school debs :) I had waited almost 9 months for this one, whereas my other ones were very much spur of the moment desicions. Acts of passion ha ha. I just thought that the design was incredibly beautiful and my foot seemed the perfect place for it as i can show it off if i wish but it can also be easily hidden.

I don't know what will come next especially now that the money is tight, but once things get a little better, I've got an itch that my back will get some work done :) xx

My first attempt at a blog..!

How exciting! I can't even remember now what I was gonna write about.. Well, I've just finished my 5th night in a row working at a chinese restaurant and my feet are proper sore. I think my supervisor hates me, she's like a bag of cats 24/7. And now i feel ultra stupid, I feel like Im having a conversation with myself... LooLaa. We'll see how this blogging thin goes, I always start diaries and stop writing after like 2 weeks... Better make this short and sweet and see how it turns out..! :) xx