Wednesday, 15 December 2010

W7 Nails and a Lime Green Surprise...

Went for a stroll in town with the boyfriend to pick up secret santa presents as you do, and I came accross the W7 stand in my local chemist and I noticed they had some lovely new colours in! Im running out of top coat anyway so I immediately picked up the Diamond Topcoat (1.49e).

Next the gorgeous matte opaque creamy nude caught my eye and I noticed that these polishes have little labels on them now stating the name and number! No need to make names up for these babies haha! this nude is called Linen and I thought it would be perfect combined with a french tip but its so light on the nail that you cant see where the tip starts! Perfect colour for if youre painting a face on your nails (like my santa's little helpers) or on its own. The colour is really strong so this could be a one coater but no matter what I do W7 colours always go on a little unevenly so I definitely recommend two coats.

Then I spotted Cosmic Green (which looks a hundred times better in real life than n my crappy photos). Its basically a dark christmasy green glitter with blue and gold glitter through it as well. I mean GLITTER not a dainty shimmer. It actually leaves your nails feeling like a glittery ball decoration for your christmas tree. No complaints there. You will definitely need two coats, but this would be great for layering on top of a matte green polish because there isnt any colour in the polish itself, just glitter. LOVE. And did I mention these are all for 1.49 each? And that the bottle is huge? And my apologies again for my awful photos, the whole no daylight thing is getting really annoying.

And last but certainly not least, we dandered into the vodafone shop, JUST TO LOOK, and I walked away with my new baby, the lovely Nokia C3 in lime green :) So thats my early christmas present from my gorgeous boyfriend who buys me too many nice things :)

Gotta love getting spoilt. xxx

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  1. Omg the shop i get w7 polishes from charges €3 for these!!! Rip off! Cosmic green is yummeh! .x


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