Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Power of Make-Up!

Here's something I never thought I'd do... A before and after of myself. Just to show what a difference a bit of slap does to yo face. :) This is the type of makeup look I go for when I have time to spare. Please excuse my dreadful hair, getting it done tomorrow (yay!) ! Hope you are all well and enjoying being able to see grass! xxx

Without make-up!
And with!


  1. Wow you look amazing! You look beatuiful natural & glammed up. x


  2. power of mother nature more like!
    *sigh* you're STILL beautiful dammit!
    and i love that africa blush thingy.
    im always eyeing it up :D

  3. Thanks for the comment. I love your eyes and the range in hair styles! Such is a life of a hairdresser. haha.

  4. I think you're very pretty without makeup, too! But with, you're beyond stunning. :)


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