Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Random Bits Haul

I picked up a few things in town and thought I'd give you a first impressions type of post on them.

Firstly, I ran out of my usual Nivea Soft moisturiser and they didnt have it the chemist so I for the first time in 3 years bought a different moisturiser! I decided to stay with Nivea though, I find all their products just agree with my skin so I knew I'd be safe enough.

Nivea Visage Rich Moisturising Day Cream for dry/sensitive skin.

Smells lovely, fresh and rosey. Don't know if this would go down well if you had realy sensitive skin, but makes your face smell gorgeous anyway. Once on the skin, it has quite a bit of slip due to the almond and calendula oil so definitely would'nt recommend for an oily or combination skin. On me however, I love the texture and it is absorbed within 15 minutes. i've been using this for about a week or so and my skin hasnt improved in an amazing way but it certainly hasnt gotten worse. It smells better and it feels good! This cream also has an UV filter of some sort so thats always a good thing. I got this for under a fiver (lost receipt) but the bottle isnt very big but hopefully this will last for a lock of weeks anyway!
First impression: 8/10

Next, I've been meaning to get a heat protector for quite some time but I always forget to. If Im ever going to grow my hair this is a must.

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection (€4.45)

When it comes to styling products I normally go for brands like TIGI or Joico but seeing as money is indeed a little tight over on this little island at the minute I decided togive Aussie a go. Good sized bottle for the price. Smells nice and fresh and clean. I have only used this once because I only got it today so I havent made up my mind about it yet but so far so good. After blowdrying my hair felt a little softer, my fringe didnt act the bastard (this is a styler as well as a heat protectant) and there was indeed more of a shine in my hair, which is good because my colour is very faded out indeed which thankfully doesnt show up in pictures haha :) I'll give you a truer opinion in a couple of weeks abot this product but for the time being, I like it!
First Impression: 7/10

And last I just wanted to show you this necklace i got for a fiver in a boutique in town, it didnt have a label or anything on it so unfortunately I dont know where you can get one :( but isnt it gorgeous?

Love xxx

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