Monday, 29 November 2010

Making Space!

Since moving to my boyfriend's house I've had to cram into the spare room to get ready in the mornings ( I get up very early) in an attempt not to wake him up and recently the floorspace has become very much occupied by my products etc. Now that Im eagerly waiting on my Avon stuff to arrive I realised I'll have nowhere to put it so my gorgeous thoughtful lovely boyfriend set upon doing some DIY in there. Here's how he took apart an old single bed and turned it into a lovely vanity unit for me with plenty of room for new things! :D
Unfortunately I didnt think to get a "before" picture but trust me, this is such an amazing improvement! Plus we are recycling!
the bed being torn apart!

Finally coming together!

TaDaa! And heres Pandora admiring the work :) Hope you are all surviving through the snow, and keeping warm! Love xxxx

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