Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hairstyle of the Day

For when your fringe/bangs wont behave! Also handy for giving the illusion of longer hair :)
What you need:
- Backcombing brush
- Tail comb
- Bobby Pins
- Hairspray
- Accessories (optional)

How to:
1. Braid your fringe, french plait, fishtail or just a normal plait.
2. Backcomb all your hair from the ears up!
3. Smooth hair to create a low beehive at the crown.
4. Take the section of hair on the side of you head where your plait starts and bring it round the back, secure with crossed bobby pins.
5. Backcomb the remaining hair and crunch into random messy bun.
6. Add accessories and youre done!

Your hair will look something like this after the first 2 steps :)

Crossed Bobby Pins

The finished look! Hope you like it! Love xxx


  1. That looks fab! I wish I knew how to braid my hair. I'm terrible with my hands and the mirror makes things even more confusing lol.
    I must say I'm loving the new hair colour!
    :) x

  2. awesooooooooooome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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