Friday, 19 November 2010

Gosh Liners Review

So I recently purchased a few of the Gosh Velvet Touch waterproof eyeliners (€7.99) and i must say, theyre probably the best drugstore eyeliners you can get. Super-soft, highly pigmented, easily blended and long lasting. They make a great eyeshadow base and the variety of colours is amazing. Heres the ones that I got:

Black Ink
Deep Black Matte Colour, Blends beautyfully, waterproofness: Fades from waterline in about 2 hours. 9/10

Metallic Brass
Dark Brown shot through with Gold particles, very pretty. Blends lovely, nice alternative to wear on the waterline. Stays on slightly better than Black Ink. 9/10

Sparkling Pearl (Crystal Eyes)
Gorgeous Creamy Colour with loads of fine sparkle. What should have been a more flattering alternative to white liner, unfortunately you cant see this colour on your waterline at all, because you can ony see it when it catches the light. Same qualities as the other two, so I now use this to highlightaround the tearduct, under the brow and as a base for lighter toned eyeshadows. Very disappointed about the waterline thing though. 8/10


Overall, I definitely recommend these liners, amazing value. Another thing i like about these is that when you sharpen them the point remains nice and rounded, instead of being so sharp it could pierce your lid. GOSH is fast becoming my favourite high street make-up brand. Superdrug sells GOSH and well stocked local pharmacies should have it too :) Love xxx

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