Monday, 3 May 2010

Tattoos Tattoos

I love tattoos, I adore everything about them; getting the initial idea for one, deciding the placement, getting inked and the beauty revealed after it heals. And of course the decoration that lasts forever on your skin!

I have three so far and i had my first one done when i was sweet sixteen haha. It was only tiny, a little star behind my ear :) I now forget that its even there sometimes. It doesnt mean anything really, just reminds me of my rebellious teenage ways haha. You can sort of see a glimpse of it here, it really is pathetically tiny!

My next one i got when i was seventeen and working in a tattoo shop..! I got to stencil tattoos and everything but mainly just sat there watching the artist for 2 months :) I saw this design for a heart shaped lock with two keys , one on top and one on the bottom of it with a ribbon running through all three things and i just knew i wanted it , but again the meaning for me having this tattoo (on my stomach, to the right hand side) isnt certain, it changes with time! Just because my tattoos arent maybe the most meaningful things, I dont regret any one of them at all!

My newest addition of bodyart I got last july, just in time for the school debs :) I had waited almost 9 months for this one, whereas my other ones were very much spur of the moment desicions. Acts of passion ha ha. I just thought that the design was incredibly beautiful and my foot seemed the perfect place for it as i can show it off if i wish but it can also be easily hidden.

I don't know what will come next especially now that the money is tight, but once things get a little better, I've got an itch that my back will get some work done :) xx


  1. wow your tattoos are super cool! x

  2. Absolutely love the lock n keys one, it's really cool but kinda girly too! The black is such a good look and of course it means no horrible fading colours after a few years :)

  3. thanks a million :D its a little stretched by now cz im so out of shape haha. oh well :P x


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