Sunday, 9 May 2010

Style Icons

My style icons! The bold and beauiful!

My mom! Mind you, this was taken when she was 21 and expecting me :P these shots were taken for her frined who is a cosmetologist and was studying at the time. 19 years ago!! My mom is so beautiful xx

Up next, the Trashy Life girls, back in 2005 when i made it my life mission to somehow BECOME Audrey Kitching hahah. Didnt work out as planned...

The fabulous Raquel Reed! When Lady GaGa first came out, I thought for a long time that it was in fact Raquel in disguise! But this girl is amazing in her own right, pure eye-candy!

Next up, my older icons, the Notorious Bettie Page and the lovely Miss Monroe. Do I need to explain?

The queen of fabulousness, Lady GaGa xx

And I've saved the best for last, the amazing, sweet, kind, most genuine golden girl of all; Kandee Johnson!

Thanks for reading, Love!! xxx


  1. Kandee Johnson is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hello darl, lovely post! you commented on one of my posts but i couldnt find which one it was, so thought i would reply on here! if you aren't near a mac counter then i would recommend visiting there website -, but be careful and research products before as there swatches are sometimes off! hope that helped my love :) xxx

  3. hello, i just found your blog and im admiring your photos, i have to say that i thought that woman on pictures of your mom is you! you look like sisters:)And i love your red hair. sorry for my poor english, compliments from poland!

  4. haha thank you so much Martyna, your comment made my day! I cant get onto your profile so Im sorry I have to thank you on here, you probably wont see it... But I really appreciate it, and I hope you keep reading! xx


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