Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hair, Hair, Hair

Here is my ultimate display of all the hairstyles im proud of having once had hahah. I think I've tried just about everything except going dark!

My love for crazy hair began when i was 16, opting for this bizarre 'do, that I miss so much right now;

I loved the hint of blue and the length i still had at that stage.. Next is a foto from the debs that summer when i had turned 17, i had gotten rid of the blue and h shade of pink wasnt the nicest, kind of salmony, but it matched the ribbon on my dress.!

Next, thigs got really crazy and after the dance I went for this totally hot pink barnet that many believed to be a wig, which I can assure you its not..! I love my hairdresser for letting me do this hahah.

Keeping the pink looking good took a lot of money n time so eventually I went back to safe waters with platinum blonde and dark under the fringe and the bottom layers.. the bleaching really took all life out of my hair so a year ago i decided to chop it all up..!

Ive been trying so hard to let it grow back since but it seems to be growning at snailpace..!! In the meantime, I decided to do something I didnt see coming; go back to dark ash blonde which is my natural hair colour. I wear extensions because if my hair was a normal colour and a regular lenght, it would just be a little too boring for me and I just feel better about my hair when it appears longer and more feminine..

I am tempted to try going dark but because there is the danger that it wont suit me and having to go back to blonde and further damaging my hair, I'll stick with this look for a while anyway :P What a vain blog post... Oh well!! xxxx


  1. Love your hair in the very last pic. Cute blog.

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  2. All of those hairstyles have looked so good on you :D i have always liked pink hair, but i could never pull it off as well as you.

  3. Omg, I love all your different hairstyles! You rock 'em all!!!

    Thanks for following =)


  4. love you hair...Thx for following ..

  5. your hair is amazing! :) xxx

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I appreciate all your feedback, let me know what you think, make suggestions, ask questions, I'll try to reply to any queries :) Much Love xx