Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hair Care Must Have's!!

These are the products that I swear by, they are amazing for damaged hair. Once I find an amazing product, I'm very loyal to that product/brand, and TIGI is about as good as it gets. I heart TIGI!!!

So for general shampooing and surface conditioning I use any supermarket brand, whatever hapens to be on special offer hahah. TreSemme, Timotei, Aussie, Herbal Essences... But once or twice a week I'll treat my hair with TIGI S Factor "Serious Conditioner" that I bought in a massive jar, shown below. After shampooing and conditioning, i slap on plenty of this stuff and massage it in, it makes your scalp all cold and tingly! Sometimes I wash it out after 5 minutes, sometimes I leave it in overnight! It leaves your hair so silky soft and shiny and strong, I love this stuff :)

I then towel dry and blast dry my hair until its kind of half wet, half dry before adding styling products. TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer is super gorgeous especially on longer hair, the texture you get is so silky..! and the shine!! Even if you rub the product on your hands you can see the microscopic bits of glimmer glowing.. Its like a highlighter for your hair.

If I want more of a volumptious look, I use TIGI BedHead Small Talk. It comes in a little purple bottle, you only need the tiniest little bit of product and it smells just like those grape scented gel pens you had when you were little! The smell alone will seduce women to buy TIGI products, they all smell so yummy, you'd almost rather eat it than put it on your head!

I love my big hair and have been back combing and back brushing my hair for years (and it shows in the condition of it so dont over do it!) and you need a good quality hairspray for the shape you have created to stay in place all day or night. My ultimate best hairspray in the entire world is Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray (in the black bottle, the stuff in the pink container is sticky). It is amazing, you can build it up, if you only want a light hold, spray once from a distance, but if you want strong hold, you can easily build it up without using up loads of product. I think it gives a little shine as well, and I LOVE IT!!!!

For brilliant shine, and to glam up hair that actually isnt all that glam, I use the Lee Stafford Shinespray which you can by in cute mini spray cans that you can pop in your bag and spray through the day or give you an extra boost for going out. The only bad thing is that the little cans only last (well they last ME) about 2 weeks and then I have to go get more. Maby next time just buy the bigger container...?


  1. Wow, thats cool :D i noticed that you live in Ireland now, so were you born in Finland and when did you move to Ireland? I hope you don't mind that I'm asking, but I just find this interesting :]

  2. I know, the first two people to read my blog and one happens to be finnish..! I was born in Kerava and we moved here when i was 10. My mom moved back and shes in Tampere now, I know it might seem weird that Im still talking in english but its just so much less hassle ha ha.

  3. Finnish is such a complicated language, so I totally understand. English is so much easier. And btw, you're so beautiful :]

  4. thanks so much! so are you, im super jealous of your long hair! love xx

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