Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Christmas is over already! I didn't feel very Christmasy this year, it just came and went too fast and well, Ive already sworn next year to be better. But I thought I'd show ya a few of the things Santa brought me!

Firstly, this is what my boss got me for my Secret Santa:

JOICO K-PAK Reconstruct Shampoo & Intense Hydrator Treatment.
Can't wait to see for myself if Joico really is as good as its made out to be. I should know by now since we use all Joico products in the salon haha. I know their colours are a pleasure to work with but Ive never tried a good high-end shampoo. And my obsession with healthy hair continues..:

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush & Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil Capsules.
These are my presents to myself really, the dry shampoo being a new thing for me, i figured it'll help keep my colour for longer and help me avoid damaging my hair by washing too often. The only thing I dont like about this product so far is that if you spray it too close, it comes out white. making it look like you have grey roots. Lovely. And the cod liver oil because its supposed to help make your hair and nails grow healthy and strong. And fast.

Next, my parents got me a voucher for River Island (yay) and I went shopping today :)

I got a one-shoulder dress as well, but didnt get a chance to take a picture of it... My boyfriend nearly killed me for spending an obscene amount of money on this pair of dimonte encrusted leather gloves, but... I mean, LOOK at them! I feel like GaGa with them on. And my diamondy earrings match. And I toured over to Penneys to get a diamondy sequined hairband ! Very sparkly this winter....

What did Santa bring you? Love xxx

Monday, 20 December 2010

AVON prize finally here!

So exciting! :D I'll do reviews and stuff later, this is just a sneak peek :)

The Brushes

Surprise perfume! :D

Planet Spa African Shea Butter Products (love)

Anew Clinical Products

Magix Primer and Cashmere Foundation (love)

Nail Products

Eyeshadows, Lip Glosses and Other Face Products

Lip Products

Mascaras & Eyeliners

Im so frickin excited!! :D

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hairstyle of the Day - Modern Marilyn

First of all can I apologise for my layout, it fucked up and I dont have time to fix it! I cant even remember how to edit the Html to make it look nice so just bear with me :/

Now onto funner things, I finally have a Hairstyle to show you! And I got my colour sorted out yay! This is just my hair air dried and finger waved at the fringe. I used my GHDs to tweak a few crazy ends into place but thats about the height of it :) The thing that makes it "modern" is that its way more rough than the classic pin-up hairstyles and instead of a red lip I went for a peachy gloss.

Here's the products I used:

- GOSH X-ceptional Wear Foundation in Porcelain & Golden
- Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer in Ivory
- Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder
- Essence Shimmer Powder in Prettyicious (to highlight)
- MUA matte eyeshadow in shade 17 (to contour)

- Tigi Bed Head Brow Pencil in Brunette
- Warm medium brown colour from Coastal Scents Palette (to set pencil)
- GOSH Crystal Eyes Pencil in Sparkling Pearl (blended under brow)

- GOSH Eyeshadow in #13 Beige (on lid & browbone)
- MUA Eyeshadow in shade 1 (inner corners)
- Rimmel Metallic Eyeshadow in 102 Backstage (softly blended in crease)
- Bourjoix White Eyeliner (waterline)
- Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner in black
- Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in Tiramisu
- Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in #130 Take a Chance

God I use a lot of Rimmel don't I?! Hope everyones enjoying the snow, its nearly christmas! woo! xxxx

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dora the Explorer

More cozy sleepy Pandora, doesnt it just make you want to cuddle up and snooze off? And she's stolen my usual spot lol. xxx love

W7 Nails and a Lime Green Surprise...

Went for a stroll in town with the boyfriend to pick up secret santa presents as you do, and I came accross the W7 stand in my local chemist and I noticed they had some lovely new colours in! Im running out of top coat anyway so I immediately picked up the Diamond Topcoat (1.49e).

Next the gorgeous matte opaque creamy nude caught my eye and I noticed that these polishes have little labels on them now stating the name and number! No need to make names up for these babies haha! this nude is called Linen and I thought it would be perfect combined with a french tip but its so light on the nail that you cant see where the tip starts! Perfect colour for if youre painting a face on your nails (like my santa's little helpers) or on its own. The colour is really strong so this could be a one coater but no matter what I do W7 colours always go on a little unevenly so I definitely recommend two coats.

Then I spotted Cosmic Green (which looks a hundred times better in real life than n my crappy photos). Its basically a dark christmasy green glitter with blue and gold glitter through it as well. I mean GLITTER not a dainty shimmer. It actually leaves your nails feeling like a glittery ball decoration for your christmas tree. No complaints there. You will definitely need two coats, but this would be great for layering on top of a matte green polish because there isnt any colour in the polish itself, just glitter. LOVE. And did I mention these are all for 1.49 each? And that the bottle is huge? And my apologies again for my awful photos, the whole no daylight thing is getting really annoying.

And last but certainly not least, we dandered into the vodafone shop, JUST TO LOOK, and I walked away with my new baby, the lovely Nokia C3 in lime green :) So thats my early christmas present from my gorgeous boyfriend who buys me too many nice things :)

Gotta love getting spoilt. xxx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Power of Make-Up!

Here's something I never thought I'd do... A before and after of myself. Just to show what a difference a bit of slap does to yo face. :) This is the type of makeup look I go for when I have time to spare. Please excuse my dreadful hair, getting it done tomorrow (yay!) ! Hope you are all well and enjoying being able to see grass! xxx

Without make-up!
And with!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Santa's Little Helpers

Santa Nails! hahah. I was browsing through youtube the last day and saw a tutorial for the cutest christmas nails by julieg713 (link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I6Os_EpaIw&feature=sub) and I was bored this evening so I recreated it using different colours, but the very same method.Also, my nails are WAY shorter at the minute than hers, so it just goes to show ya that you can do crazy things with short nails too, you just have less room to work with! Enjoy! :D Love xxx

Oh and I'm after finding out that the giveaway prize that I won from the gorgeous girls at Pixiwoo has been returned to them in the post :( I'll definitely be doing a post when it arrives here, I can't wait! :) xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

Dora the Explorer

As its freezing outside I thought I'd show ya how Pandora snuggles up in style :P Bit of fun while I impatiently wait for my Avon present and to et back to work! xxxx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Smelly Smelly

Here's a few of my recently used up perfumes and I thought I'd do a little review type of thing on them.!

1. Fantasy by Britney Spears

This is my least favourite out of the 3, it took me nearly 4 years to finish this tiny bottle that smells so sickly sweet as you all probably know. I might buy this again for my 11 year old step sister but definitely not for myself again. No offense to anyone who likes this scent, this is just my opinion :)

2. Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

Gorgeous, luxurious evening scent, this was my "grown-up" perfume :) Love this, will definitely buy again (or put on the christams wish-list) but I want to try a new grown-up perfume (ive been eyeing up chanel chance) but I absolutely love this.

3. Dior Addict 2

I got this last christmas from my boyfriend and its a lovely, fresh fruity scent that can be worn day or night. The scent wears off quite soon though, I dont know if I would get this again, because I do love overwhelming perfumes, I like leaving a cloud of scent behind me as I walk (and probably making some people gag in the process haha).

So now Im completely out of perfume! As I said before though, I have my eye on Chanel Chance and for a daytime scent, Im looking at maybe Coolwater Game by Davidoff? I had it before and it was so fresh and nice. Well we'll see. Have you got any perfumes that you absolutely love or hate? xxxx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Just Say No

I am after smoking the last cigarette of my life! Ive tried giving up before but I turn into an emotional wreck (which is going to happen again quite possibly tomorrow) and I always give in after about 3 days. Im sick of waking up with a taste of shit in my mouth, sick of feeling like a dirty parasite when treating clients, knowing that I smell of smoke, sick of my hair smelling bad, sick of knowing that with every drag Im damaging the person that is more precious to me than my own life and it is for him that I will do so no longer. And from a vanity point of view, for someone like me who is obsessed with youth and beauty, is it not quite possibly the stupidest thing I could do? To smoke away my youth and money? And what if I give in when he is not there? Since I am not harming him directly? What's going to motivate me then?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November Eyes

For lack of things to post about, here's a few of the looks I did (most just for fun) during this dark and dreary month in an attempt to cheer myself up! Please excuse the baby-eyebrow hairs! I dont wax my brows for two reasons: 1. it can damage the skin on your brow bone, causing that area to sag in later life (eep!) 2. I dont trust anybody else around my eyebrows, never have, never will :) So just ignore the hairyness and enjoy the pretty colours! Love xxx

Monday, 29 November 2010

Making Space!

Since moving to my boyfriend's house I've had to cram into the spare room to get ready in the mornings ( I get up very early) in an attempt not to wake him up and recently the floorspace has become very much occupied by my products etc. Now that Im eagerly waiting on my Avon stuff to arrive I realised I'll have nowhere to put it so my gorgeous thoughtful lovely boyfriend set upon doing some DIY in there. Here's how he took apart an old single bed and turned it into a lovely vanity unit for me with plenty of room for new things! :D
Unfortunately I didnt think to get a "before" picture but trust me, this is such an amazing improvement! Plus we are recycling!
the bed being torn apart!

Finally coming together!

TaDaa! And heres Pandora admiring the work :) Hope you are all surviving through the snow, and keeping warm! Love xxxx